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Duration: ca 4 hours
Price: 23.900 isk per person.
The tour starts from the Icewear shop / N1 gas station in Vík.

Tour starts at 08:00 (May–Oct). In the winter time the tour starts according to daylight.
Bring with you: Warm outdoor clothing and hiking shoes

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Price: 23.900 kr
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Katla SuperTruck tour to Katla glacier

The tour starts from the Icewear shop / N1 gas station in Vík, and from there we drive east to Mýrdalssandur, which is one of the biggest of black deserts in Iceland and a flooding area from Volcano Katla.localtour2The Volcano Katla is located under up to 750 meters thick ice, in Mýrdalsjökull glacier. 
When Katla is erupting (usually in every 40 – 80 years, last time in 1918) the ice is melting and huge lake builds up inside the caldera. 2 -3 hours later after the eruption begins, the glacier explodes because of the growing pressure and flood up to 50 – 70 meter thick burst out and spreads over 12km area when reaching the coast line. We drive to the south face of the glacier tongue, named Katla glacier (Kötlujökull), where we explore the area for about 30 min, before heading south to Hjörleifshöfði.

Hjörleifshöfði used to be an island long time ago, but now it´s about 3 km distance from the sea. The first settler in Iceland, Hjörleifur, built his viking farm on the west side of Hjörleifshöfði in the year 874. That year the mountain reached the sea. We stop at a cave named Gígjugjá, and there you can decide if you dare to hike a short path, Lásastígur, up the mountain to visit the old farm.
From Hjörleifshöfði we head to Vík where we drive to the top of Mt. Reynisfjall. The mountain is almost vertical, 200 meters high and the road goes in long swiftbacks to the top. We drive south on the mountain to enjoy an amazing view and if we are lucky we´ll see some Puffins that are nesting there. From Reynisfjall we head back home to your hotel. (As a bonus, this tour is out of tourist traffic.)

After this tour you will be experts in Katla volcano and you will know the stories about Witch Katla, the brutal Viking Hjörleifur and many other stories from the past. And of course a full memory card with beautiful photos.

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Monday, 04 May 2015

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